Signs That You Are Addicted To Drugs

Almost all drug addiction stories start with the same beginning –“let me try just a little bit, it won’t cause me to become an addict.” Well, those immortal words are almost always a precursor to each and every drug addict that has walked the face of this earth. For some people, this experimental use that is mostly done in social situations can lead to a rampant drug abuse. The risk of addiction as well as how fast do you start getting addicted to this product is totally dependent upon the dependency that you have for it. As time progresses, you realize that larger doses of the same drugs are necessary in order to help you get that high that you so desperately want. It is the drug that helps you to navigate through the difficulties in life, and it is the drug that keeps you awake in your memories.

Any attempts that you take to decrease the amount of drug can only lead to desperate situations like withdrawal symptoms that create a pressure like situation for you. These intense cravings can only make you physically ill, and within a short period of time, you relapse to the use of these drugs.

So, what are the common tendencies that you feel when you find yourself addicted?

  1. You want to use the drug on a regular basis; sometimes even several times a day would not quench your thirst for this particular drug
  2. You need to have a certain amount of drug with you at all times just so that you are not out of that particular drug at any moment of time
  3. Having the need for an intense fix at any moment of time is the first sign of drug dependency of an addict
  4. Over time, the drug can mask any physical interaction that you have with anyone, so much so that you end up feeling a sort of seclusion even in the middle of a crowd
  5. You end up spending ridiculous amount of money on the drugs, even when you find that you are short of cash
  6. You almost always end up forgetting any social interactions, and you get rid of anything to do with recreation in your house. Any physical activity is beyond your comprehension
  7. You almost always like to start driving or undertaking any risky activities when you are under the influence of the drug. It makes you feel superhuman
  8. You constantly fail at focusing on the job, and end up getting fired from multiple jobs within a very short time
  9. Even though you might constantly like to get rid of your addiction, you fail to do so

Well, these are the problems that normally indicate that you have become a drug addict and will be going through this phase until and unless you pick yourself up and get yourself to a detox center pronto. Your life is in your own hands, what you choose to do with your future is dependent upon your current decision.

Signs of Possible Drug Abuse

Scary Facts About Drugs

One of the pestering problems that the current generation faces is to get rid of drug addiction. Recent surveys have indicated that at least one in every hundred people in the world is a drug addict. That is an alarming statistic, and with more and more people becoming addicted at an alarming rate, the populations are going to be hit pretty hard.

Well, there are some scary facts that you need to know about the use of drugs;

  1. Drugs account for at least 40,000 deaths all across the globe every year, most of them pertaining to driving under influence. This number keeps on increasing by at least 2000 people every year. So, while many may argue that this is primarily due to the lapse in security arrangements and safety in automobiles, there is no doubting the fact that the use of prescription as well as illegal drugs have also led to the rise of people causing accidents.
  2. In the United States alone, at least seven out of 10 teenagers have become a victim of prescription drugs that they might have received from their friends or their relatives. It is the obvious is of procurement of prescription drugs that make it very easy to abuse in the first place. At least 64% of the teenagers that have started using prescription drugs have found it through the medicine cabinet of their parents or through their friends. Whatever the means of procurement, there is no denying the fact that prescription drugs can cause long lasting damage to the teenagers.
  3. Over 100,000 people are hospitalized every year due to overdosing in drugs. Out of these 100,000, at least 10,000 people are dead before they can even arrive in the hospital. According to the latest reports, most of them die due to overdosing on painkillers. There are also a percentage of people that end up taking opioid painkillers along with alcohol in order to accelerate the process of death.
  4. Drugs can lead to financial ruin within five years of rampant use. There are many established households that are now looking at a bottomless pit of debt, primarily due to fuel in their own drug habits with income that was normally kept for a rainy day. Now, they do not have any money to fall back on, and after failing on payments, they had to let go of all their movable and immovable properties. Financial ruin is certain for people that undertake drug abuse.
  5. Prescription drugs are almost always one of the easiest methods for drug procurement in rural parts of the globe. Since prescriptions can be easily procured from the pharmacy, most of the rural towns have the option of procuring such medications and overdosing on them. With the advent of the Internet and online websites that double up as pharmacies, this process has become very easy. The people can now get their drugs home delivered, and in most countries, it has become a legal source of drug procurement.

Drugs are a huge threat to our society and there isn’t a ton we can do about it, the best we can do is to educate our children and show them the truth about drugs. Also we must pressure our lawmakers to make the right choices and fight the drugs!