Acupuncture: Effective for Managing Cocaine Rehabilitation

While drug prevention programs continue to educate teens in the health risks associated with use, there are many teenagers across the United States who continue to use. As a parent of a teenager, it is important to not only recognize the symptoms of drug use, but to also find ways in which to aide your teenager through drug rehabilitation and recovery.
Cocaine use continues to be a leading cause of concern among the teen population in the United States. Cocaine is without a doubt, one of the most addictive drugs used today. Without proper intervention and drug rehabilitation, a teenager who uses cocaine is at-risk for significant complications of mental health and cardiovascular disease. If you are the parent of a teenager who has used cocaine, it is important to find ways in which to treat the drug addiction, even considering a collaborative approach among many specialties.

In some drug treatment facilities, the use of an alternative approach to healing has become increasingly more common. Using acupuncture, specifically around the auricular area, teens who are addicted to cocaine are finding some therapeutic benefit. The benefits of acupuncture, in part, are attributed to the induction of a relaxation state which is crucial to alleviating the cravings for a particular drug, such as cocaine. By inducing this relaxation state, especially during the period of withdrawals, the cocaine rehabilitation program is often more successful.

While some drug rehabilitation programs utilize other forms of relaxation techniques, the use of acupuncture has shown to be most effective. If your teen, addicted to cocaine, is not entering into an inpatient drug rehabilitation center, it may be prudent to seek the services of an acupuncturist on your own. Describing the addiction and the complications associated with cocaine drug cravings and withdrawal, the acupuncturist may be able to design an effective treatment plan. Whatever you do, don’t try and detox from cocaine by yourself.

As with any drug dependency, the key to successful outcomes lies in the willingness of the drug user to stop using the recreational drug. In the case of cocaine, addiction is a powerful influence with cravings and withdrawal quite pronounced. While inpatient drug rehabilitation provides for the optimal outcome, many teenagers simply refuse to cooperate in drug rehabilitation on an inpatient basis. Another holistic approach to detoxing, is using ayahuasca. It is a hallucinogen that has been shown in some practices to help with detox and rehab. However, patients can also get addicted to ayahuasca.

If your teen is using cocaine, and is not willing to cooperate with in-patient drug rehabilitation, you may want to consider auricular acupuncture. As a relaxation technique, cocaine cravings may be significantly reduced. While there is some debate over the actual physiological effect of acupuncture, you can rest assured that the simple technique of relaxation during acupuncture is often more effective than any other relaxation approach. Ultimately, it may be relaxation techniques that break the cocaine addiction.